Thames Water publishes environmental statement

It brings together four years of data in an accessible and transparent format to give a balanced view of the company’s performance against key ESG measures. It outlines performance against the following criteria:

Environment: The effect operations have on the natural environment

Social: Relationships with employees, suppliers, customers and communities, and external impact on the economy

Governance: The way the business is governed, covering leadership, remuneration, audits and internal control and external shareholder dividends

Thames Water

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While Thames Water has published ESG data and information in other documents this year, such as the Annual Report and Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report, the company publishes this statement to bring the content together in one place, supported by references to source information.

Ian Marchant, Thames Water interim executive chairman, said: “It has been an important year in the setting of our future direction and we’ve continued to make some important changes as we build a better future for our customers, communities and the natural world.

“As a responsible company with long-term shareholders, operating in a monopoly sector, we recognise we have a special duty to our customers and the environment, and we’re currently working with our regulator to secure the right business plan for the future.

Source:  WWT 28th October 2019