Natural Course – improving the whole North West water environment

The image shows a sustainable drainage scheme in the foreground – a drainage ditch filled with rocks of various sizes and vegetation. The background shows trees, a path, and houses.

Natural Course project at Dales Brow, Salford – sustainable drainage scheme reducing urban diffuse pollution and surface water flooding from a nearby road. Credit Manchester City of Trees

Natural Course is a partnership of public, private and third sector organisations, led by the Environment Agency. It was originally funded by the European Union LIFE Integrated Project. It is now integral to improving our understanding of how to overcome barriers to improving water environment in North West England.

Since 2015, £3 million has been invested in the Greater Manchester, Mersey and Cheshire area to trial new, innovative ways of working. So far, this partnership has addressed over 90 key challenges to the water environment. More than 11,000 individuals from 177 stakeholder groups have been engaged. As a result, the area is in a stronger position to positively influence policy and decision making.

Natural Course is mobilising more funding, including £14 million committed for:

Source: Environmental Agency 23rd October 2021