NASA Satellite Photos Show Polluted Rivers Dumping Into The Carolina Coast

NASA just released a stark comparison of how Hurricane Florence impacted the Carolina coastline as polluted rivers dump into the Atlantic.

As NASA satellites are directed to take time series snapshots of the North Carolina coast, scientists are able to measure and determine the large-scale changes taking place. One of the starkest changes is the sudden influx of river runoff, polluted with decaying organic matter, debris, and plastics.

In total, the Raleigh branch of the National Weather Service estimated that 8 trillion gallons of rain fell on North Carolina during hurricane Florence.

Here’s the unofficial, radar-estimated storm total rainfall from Florence over all NC (actual gauge-measured amounts not included). Using the average rainfall over the state, Florence dropped about 8.04 TRILLION gallons of rain on NC. #ncwx

Wilmington, NC is estimated to have received up to 50 inches of rain in isolated locations. However, the hidden danger is the runoff from the rest of the state as they make their way through tributaries and into the large river basins of North Carolina. This acts to concentrate the water in one source, bringing it through coastal cities and dumping it into the Atlantic Ocean.

Source: Forbes 26th September 2018