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Water Treatment Terms……….The Letter D

DEIONIZATION (DI):  Use of ion exchange resins to demineralize water.  See Ion Exchange. DEMULSIFIER (EMULSION BREAKER): chemical additive that destroys the emulsifying characteristics water. Typically used separate stabilized (emulsified) oil in water. DENITRIFICATION: wastewater treatment […]

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Water Treatment Terms………The Letter C

CA: cellulose acetate. CALCIUM (Ca): One of the principal elements making up the earth’s crust. Calcium compounds, when dissolved, make hard water. The presence of calcium in water is a factor contributing to the formation […]

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Water Treatment Terms……..The Letter B

BACK WASH: part of water filter, ion exchange or softener cycle that lifts up media bed to release and wash away dirt and other foulants. BACTERIA: Single-celled organisms (single form = bacterium) which lack well-defined […]

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Water Treatment Terms ………….The Letter A

ABSORPTION: The process of one substance actually penetrating into the structure of another substance. This is different from adsorption in which one substance adheres to the surface of another. ACCULATION TANK: A vessel or tank, […]

Untreated Construction Run-Off
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Managing Water Pollution on Construction Sites

To prevent pollution incidents that harm the environment and to protect your business it is essential that all companies understand how: water treatment solutions work; why they work; and most importantly when will they work.  […]

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£933,000 in fines confirm that when it comes to high pH waters “Dilution Cannot be the Solution”

A recent court case in which United Utilities (Fine £600,000 and Costs £19,090) and their contractor KMI+ (Fine £300,000 and Costs £26,172) highlight the environmental damage that can be caused by the release of small […]

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Guidelines for Managing Concrete Wash Water

Introduction Under the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010 (as amended in 2012) and the Water Resources Act 1991 (as amended), it is on offence to discharge polluting substances to controlled waters (surface water […]