A pink salmon has been caught in Welsh waters for the first time in 30 years, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) said.

The fish was caught on the River Dee near the border with England in Chester. NRW is asking netsmen and anglers to report any unusual catches. Despite this being a Welsh first, numerous reports of […]


Pollution kills 10,000 fish in River Mole

The estimate of the number of dead fish has risen by 4,000 and more than three miles of the river are affected. The Environment Agency has said it now believes 10,000 fish have died after […]

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‘Pollution’ kills more than 100 rare crayfish

The Environment Agency are investigating after scores of a rare crayfish species were found dead in an Eden beck, in Cumbria. More than 100 white-clawed crayfish are thought to have been killed by pollution infecting […]