Water Pollution

Revealed: The 10 English beaches tourists are told are too dangerous to swim at because the water is too dirty

•Environment Agency tests water quality at 420 bathing spots around England between May andSeptember  •Beachesthat failed to meet strict standards include Weston-super-Mare main and Scarborough’s South Bay  •Others ruled unfit for bathing are Tynemouth Cullercoats, […]

Science and Technology

Water Treatment Terms……The Letters XY and Z

X-RAYS: Electromagnetic radiation with a very short wavelength (0.01 to 12 nanometres), shorter than ultraviolet radiation. YIELD: the amount of product water produced by a water treatment process. ZEOLITES: Hydrated sodium alumina silicates, either naturally […]

Science and Technology

Water Treatment Terms………The Letter W

WASTEWATER: The liquid-borne waste products of domestic, industrial, agricultural and manufacturing activities. In a community, an Average of 50 to 100 gallons of wastewater is generated per person per day.   WATER (H2O): The liquid […]